September 10, 2013

Living in Paradise

It's been nearly three months since we simplified by moving across town and downsizing from our house to our apartment. We settled in quickly and have no regrets leaving the house behind. We don't miss the yard work. There is no pool maintenance to contend with, no repairs to make. Our A/C went out, we made a phone call and went to the movies. Voila! It was all better and cooler than ever when we returned. The apartment is a breeze to clean. The house took a full day and left me with an aching back and feet.

The only part of the house I miss is the hot tub. We have two to use at the apartment complex, but they require clothing and long soaks are out of the question because they keep it HOT. The convenience and savings have been great. There was no $400+ electric bill this summer. $115 was the most we saw and that was during our heat wave. Speaking of convenience the new neighborhood is very convenient, we're so close to I-15 and 215, and shopping is minutes away. We have found that the eats are lacking, first, many places close by 8 or 9 o'clock. Late night dining is practically non-existent. Second, we've struck out dozens of times and have only discovered a few favorites. We miss being around the corner from Surang's Thai, Juan's Flaming Fajitas, Custom Built Pizza, DW Bistro and others. With more time, though, I'm sure we'll find more favorites in the southeast.

Most of all it feels like home. Our new space is considerably smaller, but it has everything we need. I finally got around to taking photos to share. Enjoy.

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