March 15, 2012

Lady Luck

A couple weekends ago, it was positively gorgeous outside so Frank wanted to take the Firebird out. No complaints from me. We had no destination in mind but soon found ourselves in Primm. We bought lotto tickets across the stateline. It was the first time I had been there. Just a little shack with scratch off vending machines, lotto kiosks and a line that wrapped around the place waiting for the cashier. Frank used a kiosk and I bought a few scratchers so there was no waiting for us. I didn't win a thing. I recall even saying "lotto is no different than the casinos, I just lose."

While in Primm, we checked out each of the casinos. Primm Valley is much nicer than I imagined. It was very crowded too. I really couldn't believe how many people were there. But I now understand what a nice staycation it could be it has the outlet mall, rides for kids and gambling. We went over to Buffalo Bills to ride Desperado. With its 225-foot drop down a 55-degree descent it is one of the tallest coasters in North America. And it is one rough ride. The drop was fun, though. Whiskey Pete's is the third casino there and it's across the freeway we took the shuttle over to check it out. It's rink a dink and pretty dead. We ended up playing $5 Triple Diamond because it tends to bring us luck. Frank put a $20 in and took the first spin... nada. I took the second and had Frank kiss me and I pulled the lever. I didn't let him go until all three reels had stopped, and we had a winning line. $150 - thank you! We quickly took the money and ran. We collected the car and hit the road for home. I just love the feeling of the breeze thru your hair and being drenched by the warm sun, and it's even better with $150 extra bucks in your pocket.

Then, a few days later, Frank's cousin and her boyfriend invited us to play Bingo at South Point. It was their first time playing altogether, we've played at numerous other casinos but it was a first for us there. Frank got an electronic unit and a rainbow pack for daubers. The pack had 12 cards. Usually, we play six. He figured we'd each watch over six. But when then games started they warned us that only one person could play a card. We didn't want to risk being disqualified so I daubed games one and two. Then, Frank took it over and I took the electronic unit, and helped him spot numbers and potential bingos. He never got one on paper, but I did on my unit. I won $150. All that hard work wasn't for nothing.

Lauren and Darren grabbed dinner at Steak n Shake. So, we said good-bye and we played 5-hand nickel video poker on our way out. The drought finally ended. A few hands in, I hit a royal! It had been nine long years. Lady Luck must have figured it was about time she threw me a bone. I forgot how fun gambling is when you win.


FleaStiff said...

Staycations and gambling sessions are great when you are in the plus column, but please save up your lottery money and get a good return on it at a casino, not a lottery vendor.

Kellee said...

We spend pennies on lotto. We like scratchers on California and Arizona roadtrips. When visiting Primm it is the thing to do, $20 entertainment. We hardly gamble, but when we do it's in the casino.