March 28, 2012


So, for my 1000th post I'm going to share what I did for my 32nd birthday.

In my final hour of being 31, I played Nertz with Frank and Shane. Frank and I have been playing for 15 years and I have never won, until then. I beat him and Shane both. I was so excited I offered a rematch. My luck did not last to 32. It will probably be another 15 years before I win again, but that's ok. I can revel in this victory.

Sunday was a beautiful day in Phoenix. A bit cloudy, but otherwise perfect. The clouds were actually a bonus, I think they aided in protecting me from the sun. Our shaded seats helped too. I believe it's my first Spring Training weekend I didn't get fried by the sun.

We were at the Camelback Ranch to see the White Sox vs. The Giants.

We have healthy dose of new blood this year. No more Ozzie. I was anxious to see how the boys would play under the direction of Ventura. They looked good out there. Even Dunn made it on base. Granted, it was a walk, but he restrained himself from swinging the bat. We won 5-2. It was one of the better Spring Training games we have seen.

After the 5th inning, Frank surprised me with Birthday Greetings on the scoreboard. Having your name in lights, sure makes a girl feel special.

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After the game, we packed up and headed for home with a stop in Kingman. Tradition is a bite at In-N-Out, but this time we stopped at El Palacio. It's associated with the one in Bullhead City and Casa Serrano in Laughlin. We love those two, but El Palacio in Kingman wasn't up to par. The salsas were still top notch and that's my favorite part anyhow.

Amy and Nicky sung me Happy Birthday over the phone. On Friday, I got a card from them that totally made my day. I send Nicky cards for all the in between holidays like Valentines and Halloween. I always include cash. So, in my birthday card he insisted that Amy include a dollar bill.

When we got home it was rainy and extremely windy. Possibly the worst gusts we've had at the house. They were so bad the blind in our bedroom swayed and rattled from the winds and the window was closed and locked. Once we got settled, we cracked open a beer - my brother surprised me with a six-pack of Victoria and Kellerweis chilling in the fridge, and watched the premiere of Mad Men. It was a great end to a great day.

On Monday, I received a package from my mom with camera goodies which will come in handy for our trip to Italy.

Frank's weightloss challenge ends on April 7, so I've decided to postpone my birthday dinner until April 8. I want to finally try Scarpetta.

I'll leave you with photos from the game.


Sammi said...

Scarpetta was AMAZING! Kellee you have to go with the Creamy Polenta to start, it was simply amazing.

Kellee said...

It sounds delicious. Somehow I think I'm going to want one of everything.