March 30, 2012

"All you need is a dollar and a dream"

$540 Million. How would it change your life?

The cash option of $389 million is nothing to sneeze at.

Last weekend, we bought tickets for Tuesday's drawing while we were in Phoenix. I think we won a couple bucks. I hope the big pay off comes tonight. I asked my mom to go to Shoshone to buy tickets. It's not far from her, and the waits for the lottery outside Primm are three hours long or more. As long as she doesn't run off with the winnings we'll be good.

I think everyone has been thinking of what they'd do with the Mega Millions winnings. There is no doubt we'd take the lump sum and ultimately live off the interest. We'd set up the family and donate to local charities. I'd love to create our own non-profits. We want to help people with ideas and needs, and connect them with the resources to make those things happen. I'd like to open a restaurant. And I'm sure Frank would see to it that White Castle makes its way west. Even if it meant buying the empire. We'd have a few homes, but at least one would be entirely off the grid. We would travel the world. "Hmmm, I have the taste for crepes. Let's go to Paris!" "I want Chinese. Let's go to Hong Kong!"

I think the first thing I would want to do is go to the airport with passport in hand and ask for the next flight out of the US to some place tropical. Then, I'd call work to say "I quit." While I was relaxing on powdery white beaches I'd work with Frank to come up with the next step.

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FleaStiff said...

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