December 21, 2010

Ultimo Día

Our last day, we never swam. It was too chilly. We had breakfast and lounged in the cabana until noon. We soaked it all in the best we could.

We had our last look, and packed it in. It was time to check out. The hotel was preparing for a wedding. What a great location!

Flowers in our room, opened beautifully on our last day.

I then collected my husband, we checked out and we were on our way to Playa for lunch. Any wild guesses, where? El Fogon, should come as no surprise. Only we were surprised to find them closed. They said they'd open at 1 o'clock, I had the whole conversation is spanish. I was proud. It never fails, as soon as I get comfortable with it, it's time to go. We walked over to another location by the Mega, but it was closed, too. We killed time in the Mega. What a nice grocery store! Then, walked back and arrived at one. I ordered 10 tacos al pastor. It was for Frank and I to share, but I confused our waiter. He didn't think I really wanted 10. I do! I teased about being gordito. It was fun. Not only was I comfortable speaking spanish, I was able to joke, too.

The tacos were excellent once again. We paid our tab, collected our car and drove to Cancun. It was so nice to leave healthy and in one piece. I didn't dare say a word until later... but I certainly appreciated it. We returned the car without issue. However, the shuttle back to the airport took forever. We were getting really nervous and wondered if we'd make it in time. We only had 1.5 hours until our flight. Luckily, the shuttle showed and dropped us off minutes later. We had already checked in online so it was only security to challenge us. That, it did. Our luggage was pulled aside because they would not allow Frank's deodorant to fly. While he waited with our bag, I ran to our gate to let them know we were there.

We're were due to board in ten minutes. Thankfully, we hurried along after that, Frank even had a few minutes to spare and he stopped to buy duty-free cigars with the rest of our pesos. By the time we returned to our gate, it was time to board. We got seated without issue, and once we were up in the air. I shared my excitement with Frank, we made it! The worst thing was Frank left with sniffles. Compared to previous trips, that was nothing. Amazingly, our flights out of Cancun and Phoenix were both on time, so much so we landed in Vegas 10 minutes early. We took a taxi to NYNY, we even had a nice driver. He didn't complain once about the short fare. I missed the neon and conveniences of home. We stopped at In-N-Out for double doubles. It was the prefect end to a great trip.


Jay said...

I've been away for awhile, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I noticed a picture of Frank reading a paperback. What are your thoughts about the e-readers (i.e. the Kindle)? Ok, I need to catch up on your postings...such beautiful pictures...gosh, I'm sitting here in record snow and think 'oh, to be on the beach'...

Thanks for sharing the vacation with your readers.

Kellee said...

My experience with e-readers is pretty limited, I thought they sounded silly at first, thinking about the glare. But I hear they've worked out glare issues.

I saw one in person on the plane, they had the font so large I could read it three seats back. I suppose it's great for those that have trouble with small print.

We both do most of our reading while traveling so I never thought it'd be a worthwhile purchase, but after running out of books (I though 3 were enough) it might actually be a great purchase, after all.

I have a friend with a Nook, she seems to like it, but I really have no idea how they all compare.

Glad you enjoyed the photos! I'm not surrounded by snow, but with all this rain I wish I was back on the beach, too.