December 21, 2010

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

The next few days were much like the days before. Rather than rinse, later, repeat; it was swim, read, nap. We talked of going to Cozumel or back to Coba. But we enjoyed the time on the beach too much.

One afternoon, we did break away for another visit to Akumal. We thought this would be a good time to capture the hilarity of our rental car's size.

It's amazing he fit.

This is the road from our hotel to the highway.

Once we arrived in Akumal, we had lunch at La Cueva del Pescador. We loved the shrimp tacos, last visit. This time, though, they weren't as memorable. I had fish filet veracruz style. It was very good!

We had to pay to park (only 2 pesos with validation) so we walked around to get the most of it.

We spotted lots of fish and even a sting ray right on the shore.

We did a little shopping at the mart, we stocked up on cigars and bought goggles in hopes to check out the reefs near the hotel.

We went back to Al Cielo. Relaxed in the hammock, it's one of the things we do best, afterall. We worked up a hunger, and had dinner at the restaurant. I had been eager to try the salt baked fish, finally, the time had come.

We started with swordfish carpaccio. It was fine, but not something I'd order again.

The salt fish, though, was excellent. Only downside to these whole fish is the lingering bones you have to work around. The meat was tender and very juicy, not at all salty.

Bellies full, we returned to our room to wash the meal down with a couple cervezas before bed.

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