December 15, 2010

Muy Frio

I was prepared for everything this trip, except the cold. Cold was something I never considered. I only brought beachware. It's all I've ever needed. This was our third time visiting in December, when I checked the forecast before we left I saw that it would be cooler than usual, with temps in the upper 70's. Never thought, it'd be more like low-mid 70's. Once the sun went down it was cold. It wasn't just me being a wuss. Frank was chilled, too. Even the locals were complaining. We got to experience temps nearly 20 degrees below normal. Lucky us.

We made a trip to the El Centro for warmer clothes. I found myself a pair of sweats that I lived in the rest of the nights. I wore two pair of socks and dressed in layers. There was no sleeping naked for us -- it was much too cold. We even had to break down and ask for extra blankets by the second or third night, I can't remember which.

We had a really great time! The best time in Mexico, yet. We were so overdue. We just soaked it up and enjoyed every minute. I was ready to come home, but I wasn't dying to get back, like I usually am. It was just that good. Frank said it well, "There was a point I thought about not coming back and just opening up a little B&B on the beach... That's how good it was...". We also toyed with a little taco truck, there is no where in Xpu-ha to have a cheap bite.

I'll share details once I sort through the photos. There are 500. Kinda crazy since we really only left the beach to eat. With views like this, can you blame us?

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