December 20, 2010

Mexican Sunrise

Sunrises are spectacular in Xpu-ha, we caught a few. We'd watch the sun rise and walk the bay end to end. The first one, a dog greeted us, we didn't know who he belonged to, but he followed us. It was like rent-a-dog. By the second sunrise I realized he belonged to one of the employees of the hotel. He was secured much of the day, but free to roam each morning. We were annoyed at first, but he grew on us after that first day. He was by our side every morning.

Getting acquainted.

Chasing birds

Walking along the shore.

This place is shuttered, it never really got off the ground.

We grabbed a bite, here, last trip. It's looks like it's been abandoned for quite sometime now.

Notice the steam coming off the water. The water was that much warmer than the air.

These were great starts to each day.

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