February 25, 2008

San Diego: USS Midway Museum and Ocean Beach

After we finished the boat tour we decided to check out the USS Midway Museum, which is actually the ship itself.

These are the sleeping conditions for the junior officers

I don’t think Frank was cut out to be a sea man. It was hilarious watching him squeeze into this bunk.

We toured many areas of the ship before we made our way to the flight deck

Where 20 or so air crafts were displayed. The A-7 is on a catapult to help it gain speed since the “run way” is such a short distance

Back inside the ship, here's the command center and communications

I could not imagine being the one responsible to have all the knobs turned to the proper frequency to be certain that messages were delivered

Here’s the Island, we did not tour that portion; it was near the end, by then, we were exhausted and hungry.

We left USS Midway and went to Fuddrucker’s for a bite. After our late lunch Frank asked if I still wanted to head to Point Loma and Cabrillo Monument. I said we could another time since I didn’t think we’d have enough time to appreciate it because we only had a couple hours of sunlight left. We headed to Ocean Beach instead.

When we were driving there, it felt more like LA/Santa Monica than San Diego, I guess most beach towns are similar and lend the same vibe.

The ocean breezes were FREEZING, it was so cold, I have no clue how surfers and beach bums were able to tolerate the cold. Much like the beaches around LA we weren’t impressed, between that and the cold we didn’t stay long.

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