February 12, 2008

Mid-strip photo tour, updates and fun stuff ahead.

I cannot believe it is mid-February already. Where does time go?

It’s been a whirlwind year so far. As always, we’ve been keeping busy with work and play. Frank received a great honor, he was nominated and won a Chairman’s board award for his accomplishments achieved in Laughlin.

We stopped by the Laughlin condo the night of his award ceremony. I was happy to see that it was still standing. I spruced it up and collected three months of mail. We lowered the price again, it better sell soon.

We had another great meal at Stack. And we’ve eaten at the new Grand Lux inside Palazzo. It’s nearly identical to the original, except it’s far less crowded.

Weather finally warmed up this weekend. It was heavenly. Frank went to Phoenix to race the Trans Am, shoot guns, go off-roading, and play pc games with his buddies. Meanwhile, I enjoyed time to myself, and I took advantage of the glorious weather. I shopped at the Premium Outlets and checked out the new Town Square.

I also walked the strip and took many pictures. See albums below:

Bellagio Conservatory

CityCenter Construction

Center Strip Properties

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

This weekend we’re heading to San Diego. We will visit Sea World and see the sights. Then, Amy, Mike and Nicky arrive on Sunday, they’ll be visiting until February 27. My mom will spend the first part of their trip with them, and I’ll have time with them toward the end. I can’t wait to see how much Nicky has grown. I sure miss that kiddo. In April, Frank’s brother, Bob will be staying with us for a few days. It’ll be great showing him around, especially since he hasn’t visited in a few years.

The last tidbit is the Monte Carlo will reopen this Friday, three weeks after the fire. Repairs are still being made on nearly half the hotel rooms. They will become available as they are completed.

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