January 20, 2019

A Day in the Life

Some days are completely ordinary. Filled with routine and structure. Today was not.

I woke before my alarm, which is unheard of on a Saturday. Saturdays are typically reserved for catching as many winks that are physically possible. However, sometimes my bladder interferes with the best laid plans. Today was such an occasion. Likely because I pounded 32 oz of water before bed to ensure that I was properly hydrated for a blood draw that would take place in my kitchen. You can add that to the list to strangest things I've done. Be sure to include the cup of urine also needed for my life insurance application. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the convenience, but what a strange experience. Welcome to adulting 2.0! These are the type of thrills you get to experience as you near 40.

My morning wellness check up was followed by a trip to Starbucks. A nitro cold brew was the equivalent to the snoopy band-aide and happy meal that bribed me as a child. I ordered one for Frank too. He's brought me coffee numerous times, it's about time I repaid the favor. Yes, firsts still occur after nearly 22 years together.

Including reliving the early 90's by making a trip to the mall. That's right, we went to the mall. Together. First it's astonishing enough for one of us to go. Let alone both of us. Together. We agreed shopping IRL felt totally unnatural. I won't be giving up Amazon Prime or the LIKEtoKNOWit App anytime soon. Side note: When did it become a thing to shop with your dog? Seriously, I think dogs out numbered humans at the mall today. At least, this provided less competition as we shopped the sale racks in search of warm layers to protect us in the first true taste of winter we've experienced in ages. I've had dreams of visiting Amsterdam, and Sweden to see where my great grandfather hailed from... never imagined doing it in the peak of winter. Though, I do enjoy an adventure. So, why the heck not?

Lunch at our favorite, Hummus, was pretty typical. As was a Netflix binge session. Though, I enjoyed "You" far more than I anticipated. We wrapped up our day with a Vegas Golden Knights game. Which also isn't out of the norm, but we did get to experience a rare treat, a hat trick! It might not have been natural, but I'll take it. Another first. Together. How very appropriate on this out of the ordinary day.

January 18, 2019

Whew! TGIF!

Hello, weekend! I am thrilled to put this week to rest. I can't be alone in this can I? We had days of rain and endured what felt like three seasons. Of course, it was completely void of my favorite... How long til summer? Don't bother counting. Too long is the answer.

I will say, I do love the morning after a good rain. It settles all the dust in the air and leaves it crisp and clean - renewed.

Side note: Fair warning everyone east; winter is coming. I am sorry.

Here are a few snaps from the week. We don't get weather often. I figured I would document it.

January 9, 2019

Good Intentions

How is the new year treating you? I already feel like life is on fast forward. My list of everything I'd like to accomplish is more lengthy than the days are long.

I need to get organized and prioritize. Otherwise, I may never make a dent. My plan is to update here twice weekly. I have oodles to share. I just need to hunker down and do it. In case I continue to slack, I welcome you to join me on Instagram. I stay active on vegasjuhlshines. It's easier to maintain on the fly. I miss writing, though. Hence, my desire to revive this bad boy.

Anyway, let's dig in... we rang in the new year at home. We both passed out before midnight. A first! Frank was home for a few weeks, which was such a nice treat. Work kept him mostly on the east coast since July. So, it was good to have quality time and sneak in a couple quick getaways.

We went to San Francisco (M'mmm crab) for a day and drove to Santa Clara for Bears vs. 49ers. It was great to catch a game that ended in our favor - sadly, the winning streak was cut short when we met the Eagles. Man, that game was a bummer! At least we were able to drown our sorrows with deep dish pizza, 312 beer and jello shots. Very thankful for a taste of Chicago right here in the mojave desert.

The Knights, on the other hand are on a heater!! We road tripped to Glendale to see them defeat the Coyotes for the last game of the year (and nabbed us some BBQ at Rudy's). Then, we drove down to L.A. last weekend to see them play the Anaheim Ducks. It was an intense game. We were thrilled to earn another win. The streak continues.

We spent Saturday in west Hollywood after a bite at Langer's Deli. It was such a great low key day. There are Salt & Straws all over California now. We seek them out. This trip was no exception. That Bourbon Coffee! Is damn tasty. I'm glad it's expanded beyond Portland, I don't get up that way often enough. I will this summer, though. The family will be traveling from all over the midwest to meet us for a few days on the Oregon Coast. This will be our second family reunion, last year we gathered in Colorado. I'm looking forward to another adventure.

And speaking of adventures next month I'll set off on another trip to Europe. If you've been to Stockholm or Amsterdam, I'd love any tidbits.