June 8, 2018

Thank you!

What a “Wild” ride! We had a “Chance” and we proved we were the “Real Deal” when we released the “Fleury”. They might "Shea" it is “Reilly” “Schmidty” to be three wins shy of the cup, but we came with “Belles” on and we will never “Reave” you. We will “March” on and everyone “Nosek”. These “Gallant” knights “Tuch” my heart. I’m “Collin” you golden. “Haula” if you hear me. Go Knights Go!

I wasn't clever enough to include 3, 5, 21, 28, 40, 47, 57, 90 (and much love to 30, 33, 35 and 1 - couldn't have done it without you).

How long until the puck drops?! Get ready, McPhee and Foley... We are coming back for more #cupin2

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