May 11, 2017

El Tamalucas

Unwrap happiness by having tamales delivered to you. Yes, that's right. El Tamalucas is no joke, they do all the work and deliver fresh hot tamales to your door. I cannot get enough. I found El Tamalucas on Instagram (Eltamalucas702). I was skeptical at first. I kept my eye on them about a month before I direct messaged the account to learn how it works. Basically, there's a menu with current week's offerings and a delivery date is established (usually, WTF). You place your order with your preferred delivery day by direct messaging or texting, pricing starts at $15/dozen. Within a few hours, or so, your order is confirmed and details are sorted. This next part is hard... you wait. You're given an ETA and you never wait long, but it's still agony. Especially, once you learn how tasty these tamales are. I've never had one better.

I love a good tamal, either con rajas or pork are my favorite. Trouble is so many are loaded with masa, too dry or no flavor. These, though, have the perfect ratio. They are moist, but they hold together. I have my family and co-workers hooked. They have salsas too. I've tried the rojo, verde and habanero. All are great, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be red. I typically order two dozens and swap between the selections each time so I can try them all. I eat them for lunch and dinner. They're great with eggs for breakfast too.

Lately, El Tamalucas has been setting up at local businesses for pop up events. This Saturday, May 13, they are taking over Tsp. Baking Company in North Las Vegas beginning at 5pm until they sell out. You can't get them by the dozen at these events, but it's a great way to get a sample of what they offer. Cupcakes & Tamales?! Does it get any better?


KathyinNY said...

Oh my goodness I love your food posts. I believe I live in the wrong city. LOL

Kellee said...

We have so many great places. I wish there was time to try them all.