November 15, 2016

Hello? Is this thing on?

I didn't plan for a month's hiatus, but that's just what occurred. The days clipped by at record pace, it took me a bit to recover from being sick, we took a couple trips, celebrated Nick's birthday and Halloween. Then, of course, there was the historical events of the past couple weeks - that taught us ANYTHING is possible. I mean, c'mon, who'd believe it, if you told them in 2016 the Cubs would win the World Series and Trump would be our 45th president. Just a short while ago, one would think it'd be a cold day in hell before that would happen. But, here we are.

Let's begin with Halloween. Nick tired quickly from Trick or Treating - Kids, today? Addy loved having kids come to the door for candy. She'd happily hand it out so long as she kept a piece for herself. She's a big fan of M & Ms and suckers so she was pretty energized going door to door. Lex tuckered out early, she fell asleep in my arms while I was handing out candy. She's the world's lightest sleeper, but she was completely oblivious to the noise on this occasion.

I'm not sure that there could be a cuter lamb or witch?!

Nick turned 10 a few days later. We celebrated with dinner at Carnegie Deli and this Sunday we'll host his birthday party with friends and family. It's Pokemon themed. So, we're working on clever ways to tie the celebration together. It shall be fun!


KathyinNY said...

Love the pictures. So glad to hear that all is well with you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Kellee said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, as well! Enjoy.