April 27, 2016

Take the Money and Run

I've been a fan of the Steve Miller Band since I was a kid. My dad had records or I'd hear 'em play on XRT Chicago. It might not have been the most appropriate of songs, but I did my best to pass on my love of the greats of yesteryear by playing "The Joker" for my little brother and sister. My sister, at about 4, was more fond of it, I think it was her favorite after Spice Girls. Both were on repeat on her Fisher Price boom box, we'd sing along... good memories.

The Greatest Hits 74-78 was one of the first CDs I selected from Columbia House. Remember that? I wonder how kids today ruin their credit?? I listened to that CD so many times I think it wore thin, it no longer plays. Frank and I have tried to see Steve Miller numerous times and the shows have sold out or been cancelled. When Frank received an offer from the Colorado Belle for two tickets, room and dining credits he immediately called to book. It just so happened to be our anniversary weekend. Perfect! Frank told me the great news. I was excited, but I was afraid it was all too good to be true so I didn't get my hopes up.

But the time finally came, we drove down, checked in and collected our tickets. It was a beautiful day, light breeze and near perfection. This show might just go on! We had dinner at the Loading Dock patio and enjoyed the live bands on the Riverwalk. We played a little video poker until it was time to catch the free shuttle to the Laughlin Events Center. They pick you up right by Pints in a fancy air-conditioned tour bus. It filled up fast and we were on our way. The Events Center is an outdoor venue directly behind the outlet mall. Due to road closures for the event, it would be faster to walk, but the free shuttle is much appreciated. The venue has floor seats and bleachers. It's small enough that I don't believe there is a bad seat in the house. There are a number of food and drink stands. Prices are reasonable: $6 beers or $30 buckets. The restrooms have flushing toilets and running water.

There was no opening act, so the band got right to it. I couldn't believe it! I was finally seeing The Steve Miller Band. It was a great show. They played all my favorites, talked to the crowd and jammed a bit. I've never seen so many guitars used during a show. It was awesome.

We walked back to the Belle afterwards, I played video poker and keno. Frank tried his luck at blackjack. We had hoped to "Take the Money and Run," but the Belle had other plans. Neither of us were winners, but it was a nice getaway.


Jay said...

I love Laughlin and bummed I missed this great concert. It sounds like a great little get-away.

Kellee said...

Keep an eye out for upcoming shows. They seem to book some great acts.