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April 1, 2016
The coast of San Juan del Sur is made up of sandy coves which offer some of the best beaches in the country. There were three local beaches that were easily accessible from our rental in Balcones Majagual. Playa Majagual is the furthest north it is divided from the other beaches by a large rock formation that resembles a shark fin. Playa Playones is nestled between it and Playa Maderas to south. There is a private road from the community to Playa Playones, but public access is also available from the Chocalata Road.

I hear that Playa Maderas is the most popular, but at sunset there were 2 or 3 families on the beach. The sand was smooth, firm and easy to walk on - thank goodness! I don't think my ankle could bear the kind that's so soft you sink. The setting sun was as picturesque as can be.

We spent one afternoon at Playa Playones. There was no one, but us, and the occasional passerby walking over from Playa Maderas. I was afraid of sunburn so I kept pretty well covered (see if you can spot the ghost me, below). I only got in about knee deep, not because it was too cold, but the waves were too powerful. I've been a weakling since surgery - it's amazing how quickly muscles atrophy - and thought it best not to push it. By this point in our trip I knew full well how out of shape I am; I pulled two leg muscles simply buy stepping up and down stoops and stairs along the city sidewalks. Frank went in and got twisted like a pretzel. The waves were bigger than him. He stands at 6' 3" so that's not a typical occurrence. It's no wonder the surf is so great here. He had fun, but he took a beating.

Additional beaches dot the coast all the way to the Costa Rican border, I didn't learn of it until after our trip, but 40 minutes from San Juan del Sur is La Flor National Park. Which is a long stretch of beach that protects paslama sea turtles. They hatch and lay eggs from July to January, if I'm ever back again at that time, I must check it out.

We were having such a great time, we were reluctant to leave San Juan del Sur - we could've stayed for days, weeks or maybe even years... but Granada beckoned.


frank kunovic said...

It should be years.

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