March 11, 2016

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Three hours by flight from Houston, nestled between the Pacific and Caribbean, south of Honduras and north of Costa Rica sits Nicaragua. It is the largest country in Central America. Home to 50 volcanoes and much of its land is covered by lakes. Making it an ideal destination for travelers with a sense of adventure. This may very well be a best kept secret! Very few of those we told about our trip knew where the country was located, and I personally didn't know anyone who's been. In fact, majority questioned our safety. It seems most are only familiar with its turmoil and blood shed in the 80's and 90's. Today, this developing country is very much at peace and it has much to offer.

Outside of Granada, which serves as the country's tourism hub, I found travel tidbits to be rather sparse. I didn't let this dissuade us, we were eager to see as much of Nicaragua as our time allowed. It may be known for its lakes and volcanoes, and its natural beauty is indeed stunning, but it is also rich in history and culture. Not to mention the colonial architecture is absolutely dreamy. However, the bulk of Nicaragua's charm comes from its people. Warm hearted, welcoming, always smiling and eager to help. From its cities to its beaches. I was completely enamored with Nica Life.

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