January 18, 2016

Blowing the Dust Off!

How has 2016 been treating you? Well, I hope. The days keep getting away from me, despite my best intentions, this is the first time I've made it here. Frank has been getting a handle on his diet, he's getting by without insulin - Thank goodness! We have less than a month until our newest niece arrives. Amy has been miserable the past two weeks, with any luck time will go quickly for her sake. As for me, I had a check up with the ortho last week and I'm right on target with healing. I have about one more month of physical therapy - stairs are my nemesis. I'm still getting jerked around by insurance, but what else is new?

I've been suffering from wanderlust, BIG TIME! Frank and I were toying with dates and locations, we finally got a trip nailed down last week. We're going to spend a week in Nicaragua. We'll fly into Managua, then drive to Leon, San Juan del Sur and Granada. We were intrigued by Costa Rica, but it seems pretty well traveled these days - and we really enjoyed exploring Ecuador so we wanted an adventure, Nicaragua fit the bill. In coming years, I suspect tourism will grow by leaps and bounds.

This trip won't be as cheap as we did Ecuador, we're splurging for accommodations with amenities like air conditioning, hot water and parking. Still, the cost is very reasonable with average nightly rates well under $100/night (even less in green (low) season). Though, we did book three nights in a private villa with jungle and Pacific Ocean views, which appears stunning. That'll be the bulk of the expense this trip, but by the looks of it, it will be money well spent. Judging by the photos it reminds me of the places I lust over on House Hunter's International. I can't wait to experience it.

[photo: casasdebalcones]

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KathyinNY said...

It seems that this is a well deserved vacation for you both. Enjoy it as you should.
I love watching beach house bargain hunting and house hunters international myself. I just wished I had their kind of budgets to buy a house. (laughing to myself).
May 2016 bring you love, happiness and good health!