November 23, 2015

The Blue Man Group

Aside from running a couple errands, grocery shopping, a few meals and two dinners at friend's houses, I haven't gotten out much in the past two months. I was delighted to learn that Travelzoo was offering $25 tickets for locals to preview performances of the Blue Man Group. They are now, back at The Luxor. Frank and I had seen the show ages ago in Chicago. We liked it then, and I thought it was something Nick would also enjoy. He's been really into music lately, and I thought it would be a good introduction to a production show. I bought tickets for the 6pm performance on Monday evening. Mike joined us.

The theater is easy to find on the mezzanine level. You are able to bring drinks inside the theater if they are in plastic containers. We stopped at Starbucks beforehand, Nick's choice. We had seats in Row E 46-49. They were on the far right of the stage. If given the choice I'd try for something more centrally located so you don't need to crane your neck. That said, the seats suited us just fine. It was a full theater, and the show flowed as it should despite it being a preview. The acts were fun and interactive. The show has changed quite a bit since I first saw it. Back then, there were no smart phones, and even Razr cellphones didn't exist so there were no selfies. Both now monopolize much of the show. I prefer the percussion acts, but it's a fair mix of comedy, art and music. It's fun for all ages. Ideal for first timers, those with a bunch of Cirque Shows under their belt might be a bit disappointed by the meager production value (by comparison), but don't let it dissuade you. Especially, if you can snag discounted tickets. Nick didn't know much about The Blue Man Group prior to going, but he did have a good time. He loved the dance party. He wanted the autograph of a Blue Man, but settled with a photo.

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