Eeek! Surgery!

September 10, 2015
I'm four months post injury and I'm relieved that my surgery is finally on the books. It was no easy road to get here, but what's important is that in two weeks, I'll have a Brostrom repair, and arthroscopy to remove scar tissue. I'll be taking two weeks off work to rest and heal. I'll likely be in a splint/cast for the first month and then I'll graduate into the boot for about 6 weeks. Hopefully, rehab will be quick and successful. I have my sights set on starting 2016 on the right foot - a healthy & strong one, if it's not too much to ask.

I'm nervous, of course. But I'm also excited to put this behind me. I don't know that'll I've ever be pain free, but if I can gain more use out of it and learn to successfully walk without injury that will be a great feat. Frank will be out of town when I have surgery so I'll be relying on my sister to get me to and fro. I already plan to set up camp in our downstairs guest room. We'll move a TV, and I'll hunker down with Netflix and my Kindle. A few weeks back, I found a knee scooter for $99 at the new Open Box Store. I was so excited. Yes, this is what thrills me... this is what my life has boiled down to. So, I'll save in rental costs this time around.

If all went as originally planned I'd be having surgery on Monday, but the surgery centers my doctor is affiliated with don't accept my insurance. I refuse to pay out of network prices, so I had no choice but to wait until I could coordinate a time with my doctor and Spring Valley hospital. Thankfully, they squeezed me in this month. I was concerned when they said it could be mid-Oct before there was an opening. That would really derail my plans. At least, this way I should stay on track. Here's hoping, anyway...


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