Custom Pizza Wars

September 3, 2015
Nearly a year after opening, I finally saw the Shops at Summerlin, it is indeed massive. It's a haul from home so I haven't had any need to check it out. Last week, work brought me out that way. Since it was lunch time, I decided to grab a bite at Pieology Pizza. Move over Subway and Chipotle, custom pizza has become a trend. This style of eatery seems to be popping up all over. It seems Custom Built (215/Flamingo) was ahead of its time - it closed last year.

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You build your own pizza for $7.95 and it served piping hot in a few minutes. I'm no stranger to the concept. I generally enjoy crafting my own pizza so I was eager to give it a whirl. The restaurant was extremely quiet considering it was prime time for lunch. I chose the Margherita with sauce. It was delivered to me in minutes just as promised. Unfortunately, it was my least favorite pizza I've had of this style. I couldn't pinpoint if it was the crust or the garlic, but something about it struck me as incredibly artificial. Minimal toppings should has provided an ideal crust, but it wasn't very crispy. I found it to be rather bland. The pizza improved with a heavy sprinkling of red pepper flakes.

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On my side of town, Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza opened a couple months back. They sent us a postcard good for one free pizza. Of course, it got us in the door. Who doesn't like free pizza? Blaze shares the same concept, here your custom pizza will run $7.65. They have an array of quality toppings to choose from. I didn't have a huge appetite so I let Frank choose the toppings since I'd only being stealing a couple slices. He loaded the pizza up, usually I don't recommend this because it makes for a soggy crust. However, our fire'd pie came out perfect. The crust was super thin but very crisp. It was a tasty pizza. I could only fault them for going too easy on the cheese.

Hands down, it's Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza for the win.


Chris White said...

It sounds pretty fun to be able to go to a pizza restaurant to be able to make a custom pizza of your own. That way you know it is going to be a pizza that is going to exactly what you want. That is the best way to enjoy pizza that's for sure. It makes me want to try one of these custom pizza restaurants for myself.

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