November 12, 2014

SLS - Staycation

After signing up for THE CODE on opening night, we received a mailer inviting us to SLS for a complimentary night. We were eager to stay to fully experience all that the property offers. We checked in Monday night. We believed that hotel registration was across from the monkey bar, but without signage we couldn't be too sure. The desks were dimly lit and only one person was behind the desk assisting a guest. It could have easily been mistaken for concierge. We waited our turn and confirmed it was indeed hotel check in. We were able to secure a King room in the Lux tower, which is a bit larger and comes with extra conveniences (robes, in room dining, spa access) compared to the other two towers.

The room key is needed to access the elevator whether you're headed up or down. The floor numbering is a bit confusing too. Our room was 208XX. Any guesses which floor that was on? Eight, would be correct. The room was clean, a bit quaint and quirky, and even a bit creepy. The bathroom, however, was nicely done. The only complaint there was that the sink was so shallow it was difficult for Frank to fit his hands under the faucet while washing his hands. Toiletries are large sizes. Too large really, but it's nice to have so much available.

The room was awkward the bed seemed smaller than your average king. The placement of the TV was peculiar given the vantage points. The dining area would only comfortable fit two around the table, but there was seating for two or three more. The fabric on the walls was quirky and made the walls seem smaller. The lady above the bed was creepy, and the mirror above the bed increased the creepy factor. The bed appeared more plush than it was, it was actually quite firm. The pillows all seem like decorative accessories since they are all covered in shams. There was no sheet between the one that covers the bed and the comforter. I really dislike this. I was cold or sweltering all night. Not too mention is old legend that hotels don't change the comforter between every guest stay. I certainly hope that's not the case here.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I wanted to love it more than I did, but the style just doesn't appeal to me. Our experience in the casino didn't impress us either. Staff (aside from the check in clerk) was really cold, and some were unprofessional. The carpet around the table games was littered in trash and cocktail waitresses don't seem to cover much of the casino floor. They seem to only work the pit and the slot area near Umami Burger. We were given three 2-for-1 cocktail coupons, but the lounges where they were valid were closed. Various bars are supposed to have local specials on cocktails until 8pm, but we didn't find one that honored it. The only special was 2 Bud Lights for $5 at Umami. I'd much rather pay full price for a good beer. Overall, the staff outnumbered the guests by 3:1 at least. You'd expect top notch service at that ratio.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from our extended stay in Vegas (think Buffalo :)) Gotta agree - SLS is not for us either / staff was not friendly at all - signage non existent - walk from the Monorail was extremely long....would not want to talk that at night alone....

Kellee said...

Exactly. It's such a disappointment. I really wanted it to do well.