November 19, 2014

David Clawson Restaurant

I've heard some praises about the newly opened David Clawson Restaurant in Sun City Anthem. So, when Frank and I were debating where to eat dinner I suggested we check it out. Thankfully, seating was available without a reservation on a Saturday night. We were led to a table right away. There is a certain elegance found in the warmth and simplicity of the space, I felt it immediately. The theme continues throughout the entire meal. The menu is straightforward, and the wine/beer pairings are clearly shown. All without the fuss. It was rather refreshing.

I've always believed that the best formula is to do a few things, and do them well. DCR really excels at this task. Sure, we had our favorites, but every plate we ordered was tasty and well executed.

Everything sounded fantastic so we let our friendly server steer us in selecting our choices. The menu is built on small plates meant to be shared so we chose five items to start; The soup ($8), crab ($14), whitefish ($15), duck ($11), and veal ($9). The perfect end was the cheese ($8) and chocolate ($8). The backside of the menu shows the perfect pairing for each dish which may be wine, beer or cider. As much as we would've enjoyed a full pairing it wasn't in the cards for us, since Frank had to return to work. So, we settled on a Squatters Craft Beer "off duty" IPA and Tieton Wild Washington Apple Cider. Both were thoroughly enjoyed.

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An amuse bouche of salmon belly whet our appetite. Then, our meal began with the soup. It was too hot to handle, but once it cooled, we were able to enjoy the leak and potato broth seasoned with saffron and dotted with mussels. It was velvety and comforting.

The whitefish was a lovely cut of seabass and tender bok choy swimming in a delicious bath of miso & kobayaki broth. Outstanding. Truly.

The veal cheek was nicely done. I enjoyed it more than the one I recently had at Bazaar Meat. It was beautifully braised; and paired with the merlot? Stellar. The bits of mushrooms, bacon and kaboucha were not to be missed.

The crab cake was very yummy and it would typically be a favorite, but we had already enjoyed the cheeks and the seabass. Both are tough acts to follow.

The duck leg confit had great flavor with hints of citrus and the sweetness of honey. I really enjoyed the tart blueberries. The meat alone was tad dry.

Our love affair with gouda began long ago, when we see it, we must have it so the cheese plate was a done deal. How does gouda get even better? Add truffles. Oh my goodness, we were in heaven. The housemade crackers and fig jam were great too, and I've had a long time weakness when it comes to marcona almonds, but that cheese? Yum.

Lastly, I was unable to resist ending on a sweet note. I had to try the chocolate dessert. It too was wonderful. Rich, creamy, crunchy, sweet, but not too sweet. It was just right.

As if that wasn't enough, with our check we were given the most delicious white chocolate and basil truffles. They really know how to leave a lasting impression. Bravo.

When I suggested dinner at DCR, I had no idea we where in for such a treat. It was such a pleasant surprise. I'm ridiculously happy that it is in my neck of the woods. But let it be known, it is well worth traveling to the edge of the valley for this gem.

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*Thank goodness for cellphones. I once, again, left home without my camera.

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