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August 15, 2014
My niece should be making her debut in the next day or two. My sister has developed Preeclampsia and her doctor scheduled an induction for tomorrow. She ran into the same trouble with Nick and actually ended up on bed rest for her final weeks of pregnancy. She was induced twice with him. The first attempt didn't get anything going so she had to try a again a couple days later. The second dose of pitocin did the trick. Hopefully, Addison will arrive quickly and without incident.

These last few months have been hard on all of us. My sister wants to be here. My mom wants to be there. And neither can travel. Before, we learned of my mom's cancer we booked a trip for Amy, Nick and Addison to come visit in October. I know it's not far off, but it feels like eternity. Especially, for my mom and Amy; it's been over a year since they last saw each other. Nick has grown so much. My mom will be shocked. Of course, meeting Addison will lift spirits and be the ultimate joy. If we can finagle an earlier arrival, we'll do it.

I wish my mom and I could be there to support my sister and Jeff as they welcome their daughter. We will definitely be present in spirit. Nick's birth is such a special memory. It feels like only yesterday, she introduced him to the world, but more than seven years have gone by. He's so smart and kind, he's going to be the best big brother. I'm so excited to see their relationship blossom.


Amy said...

:) I love you, wish you were here too!

christine said...

love the name Addison.

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