August 12, 2014

Enough Already

Last Wednesday, I was headed into work and as luck would have it I was rear ended while waiting to merge onto I-15. Thankfully, I didn't have much damage to my vehicle and I wasn't badly injured. Still, it was the last thing I needed. It was a 19 year old girl that hit me, distracted by her cell phone. She admitted fault and the insurance company has accepted liability. I'll take my car in next week to get it repaired and I'll have a rental to get me around.

Frank took me to the ER just to be sure I was ok. X-rays checked out fine. They prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers. Which I haven't been able to take because I need to be able to drive. Fortunately, I didn't get intense stiffness after the accident. It's mainly a killer headache that hasn't gone away and left shoulder pain and sore neck. I need to follow up with a doctor, but I don't know when I'll squeeze that in. I'll just add it to the ever growing to do list.

The car accident 7.5 months ago is when things started to go spectacularly shitty, hopefully, this accident puts an end to it. Lesson learned - no more silver vehicles; apparently, it makes my cars appear to be invisible or a target. Seriously annoyed that I couldn't even get 10,000 on the odometer before my new car was wrecked.

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