May 31, 2012

Elevation Burger

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I noticed Elevation Burger opened a a few months ago. It's close to home and located in a strip mall near Walmart. We stopped in on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. We had the place to ourselves when we first arrived, but it later filled with a few diners. Three Elevation burgers were ordered, that means double meat and double cheese. They tout 100% grass-fed organic USDA beef and real cheddar cheese. From the list of toppings: I chose carmelized onions, Frank had lettuce, tomato and elevation sauce, and my brother was left very disappointed because bacon was not an option. Fries are made fresh and fried in olive oil. Service was quick and friendly. Burgers and fries were fresh as advertised. The fries were particularly enjoyable. Yet, I was left craving In-N-Out. This isn't a bad burger joint, but you can get a similar slightly less healthy burger down the street at In-N-Out without the elevated price. An Andrew Jackson will purchase the meal pictured above.

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