April 6, 2012

Single Digits!

I cannot believe our trip to Italy is only nine days away. That is positively insane. It's hard to grasp that the dream I've had for so long is becoming reality. Also, that we'll be traveling half way around the world. That we'll be visiting another continent. After securing hotels for our stay, I took a breather from research. I've delved back into it this week. I feel so unprepared, but at the same time I want to get there and simply wander and discover. I don't want to plan out every single detail. As long as I know how to get from point A to B. I'm happy. I still don't have that entirely nailed down, but I'll get there. I have nine days. heh.

While I've been wrapped up in this whirlwind, I've learned a friend has breast cancer. She's an amazing strong woman and I have no doubt she will kick cancer's ass. But gosh, it just sucks. It's touched so many that are dear to me.

In happier and lighter news, my favorite boy will be visiting us over Memorial Day weekend, he'll be staying ten days. His momma won't be tagging along. That's the only bummer of it. Still, we are all very excited for his visit. Very excited.

Frank, my mom, Mike and I are heading down to Laughlin tomorrow. Easter in Laughlin? Sure, why not? Frank's weightloss challenge ends tomorrow, so we'll be able to fill up on yummy Mexican eats. And enjoy a number of cervezas. This upcoming week, I also plan to cash in my birthday dinner meal. Scarpetta it is.

Last Sunday, it was Frank and my 15th year together. Unreal. I am so lucky. Only two more years until I have spent more of my life with him than without. Our 8th wedding anniversary is quickly approaching. We'll be in Venice to celebrate. I wonder if we can recreate this photo? It was Frank's idea, by the way. Awww! Swoon.

I anticipate the upcoming week of work to be absolutely crazed. The week of the 15th is an extremely busy time any month, but this time I'm cramming a month's worth of work into two weeks. I've kept things under control this week without incident, I can only hope I'll be as lucky next week.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time Kellee in Italy - take lots of pictures and lots of notes - we're planning our 35th anniversary next year for Italy - any help will be appreciated - Take care - SAFE TRIP....from Niagara Falls Canada EH!!!!

Kellee said...

Thank you! I'm sure I'll have plenty to share. Stay tuned.

35 years! That's awesome.

Jay said...

Yes, have a great time! It sounds like an awesome trip indeed.

My departure date has finally arrived...I've found a single family home in Lake Havasu City I'll be renting for 6 months to see if I can hack it. I leave on Saturday morning for the drive out.

Again, have a great time!! Take lots of pics for us.

Kellee said...

Sounds great! Best of luck as you begin this new adventure. Safe travels.