May 7, 2009

Worried and sick

My nephew, Nicky, is in the hospital. He possibly took Jeff's stepbother's ADHD medicine on Tuesday (he mistakenly left his pill case in Nicky's reach). My sister took him to the ER. They ran an EKG and observed him for a few hours and then sent him home. Yesterday, he was not himself and had slept all but an hour or two of the last twenty-four. He was having trouble swallowing and drooling a bunch. They went back to the ER. The asshats there were still not giving him adquate care. His condition was worsening, he was showing signs of dehydration, his heart rate was high and he needed oxygen. Bloodwork and two EKG returned normal before they ran a toxicology report. I'm no doctor but I'd think they would've been the first thing done. I wait patiently for updates, but I haven't heard results of that or other tests. Fortunately, though, he has improved today. He grasped my sister's fingers, asked for cereal and was able to recite what all the animals say and sing, You Are My Sunshine. Amy was so relieved to see signs of improvement, Nicky is finally beginning to act like himself, but he's still not 100%. They plan to keep him a few more days. I pray the worst is behind them. I can't imagine how scary it must be.

Tuesday my allergies started to act up, they only got worse yesterday, and now today, I'm pretty miserable. I can't breathe, yet my eyes and nose run like crazy. I hope it passes soon.

In lighter events, we saw the San Gennaro Feast Fireworks last night. They do two display each year, one in May and the other in September. It's always a nice display.

San Gennaro Feast Fireworks from kellee on Vimeo.


JAB2003 said...

Oh I hope that everything is fine with Nicky. What a scare

Anonymous said...

I'll have good thoughts for Nicky.

Kellee said...

Thanks, it's a huge relief to have him back to his usual self.