May 14, 2009

I'm a mess

Even though I started feeling a bit better yesterday I kept my appointment with the ENT doc. I still have congestion and I have discomfort in my right ear. The doctor took one look at me and couldn't see much of anything, I was too swollen and too congested. Also, it turns out I'm experiencing hearing loss it's likely it'll return once I clear up. I was given a handful of prescriptions and was told to come back in a week. Hopefully, then, he'll be able to take a look, and we'll go from there.

No wonder I was so miserable the last week. The fun couldn't end there, no, I was left with a parting gift, too.

His office is by UMC; parking is minimal, I decided to use the metered parking - I had enough quarters for an hour, I figured that would be enough. There was a long wait and my hearing test took up time I hadn't counted on, I was 15-minutes late. What should've cost a quarter is costing me twenty bucks. Yep, I got a parking citation. City of Las Vegas wastes no time when it comes to making a dime.

You bet your ass I'm loading that meter up next week. I'd rather fork over an extra fifty cents than give the city another Jackson.


Charles said...

Yeah, they stalk that place like sharks. I think the meters are off and they make a tidy sum handing out BS parking tickets there. Plus there isn't nearly enough parking to begin with...

Kellee said...

parking is definitely lacking, I bet they make a fortune with the metered parking and tickets.