November 29, 2007

Unsatisfied Cravings

We’ve been in a Mexican state of mind as we near our upcoming trip. We’ve been longing Mexican food like mad. We’ve tried a few restaurants nearby, but none have satisfied our hunger for fresh salsa and authentic dishes. The most disappointing experience was at Macayo. The food was bland and the salsa was among the worst I’ve ever tasted. Most recently, we were swayed to try Mi Casa at Silverton; they sent us a $25 gift certificate by mail. Said and done, our meal cost $8; I can’t imagine paying a dollar more than that. Chips were excellent and salsas were fair, but the entrée portions were tiny and poor quality. I had a pork tamale that consisted solely of pork fat. The best meal of the bunch was at Viva Mercado. They recently moved to their new location at Rainbow and Spring Mountain. It is quite an improvement over the prior establishment; it’s roomier and has better décor. Even service improved. Overall, our meal was good, the carnitas were excellent. Still it was a failed attempt to satisfy our craving, I guess will have to hold out another ten days until we can dig into the real thing... La Cueva del Chango, perhaps?

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