November 6, 2007

Never a dull moment

Per usual, a lot is happening in our neck of the woods. Frank finally finished up in Laughlin, he’s now back in Las Vegas full-time. We have the Laughlin condo on the market and we are hopeful that it sells quickly. The updates to the Vegas condo are coming along; although, I took this past weekend off from home projects. I was in need of break, but I’ll be back to work this weekend. As we’ve decided to tie up all the loose ends as soon as possible so we can put our Las Vegas condo on the market, as well.

We’ve done some house hunting and determined that most of the new housing developments don’t meet our needs. Therefore, we’re expanding our home search to include resale homes. Despite it being a buyers market, homeowners are still not keen on accepting offers contingent on sale. So, we plan to sell both properties to avoid troubles purchasing our next home. For now, we’re reviewing properties on to get an idea of what’s available. There are plenty of viable options, hopefully that’ll be the case when we are ready to buy.

Amid all this bedlam, I have two trips on the horizon. I will be heading to Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend. Missing Nicky’s first birthday and recent milestones (walking, talking, etc.) have broken my heart. So, I figured the long weekend will be well spent with family I miss terribly.

Two weeks after I return from Chicago, Frank and I will be on our way to Xpu-ha, Mexico. Our passports arrived last week and they were the last item needed to prepare for the trip. We are anxiously awaiting our vacation; we are in dire need of some rest and relaxation.

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