August 28, 2007

Review: Grotto

Two weeks ago we thought we’d try Binion’s Steakhouse for dinner, we had reservations for 8pm.

The restaurant was packed to the gills. There was a line four parties deep to check in with the maître d, but no one was arming the desk. There was party that was waiting to be seated that were completely blitzed, they were falling all over other patrons and were incredibly obnoxious. When they were seated the rest of the diners waiting let out a sigh of relief in unison. Then all kinds of comments were muttered... I hope we won't be seated near them...

Finally, the maître d returned and checked in a few people. Things were less chaotic once the three ring circus was seated. 15 minutes had passed by the time we gave him our name and then we were informed there'd be a wait, and we'd be called when a table was ready. Okay? I thought the point of a reservation was to avoid this... we waited a minute and then decided if the experience had been this much of a fiasco already, we couldn't imagine how the actual meal would go. We told the maître d to remove us from the list. We left and headed over Golden Nugget to try our luck at Vic & Anthony's.

Vic & Anthony’s was far more professional and organized. Unfortunately, it would be a 30 minute wait for a table. We were starved and decided we’d try Golden Nugget’s Italian Restaurant, Grotto, instead.

They were able to sit us right away at a table with a view of the pool. Service was slow to start and unfortunately continued throughout the entire meal. Bread was served with olive oil and spices, it was delicious. Frank enjoyed an Italian house salad for an appetizer, while I snacked on the fresh bread. He ordered the veal parmesan which happened to be the largest portion of veal he’s been served. I chose the bucatini amatriciana. I was pleasantly surprised, it was likely the best pasta I’ve had in restaurant. We shared tiramisu for dessert, there was plenty to share and it was a delightful end to a good meal. Had service been better, it certainly would’ve been a great experience. Total for dinner was $64 before tip.

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