July 30, 2007

Where does time go?

Life has been full throttle lately and I have lots to share. Frank is finally feeling great, which is a huge relief. He returned to work June 17, it took him a week to get into the swing of things, but he's pleased to be back.

Over the past few weeks, Frank's been negotiating with HET for a job transfer to a strip property. As of last Tuesday, the deal is official. Frank will be the Specialty Games Manager, he will oversee Poker, Race and Sports, and Keno. The catch is that he will continue to run Laughlin until a suitable replacement is found and trained. So, he'll likely be managing both properties until October. We intend to sell the Laughlin condo and we anticipate sharing the same address full-time, once again. Hopefully, next year, we will sell our Vegas condo, as well, and move up to a house.

We've been busy gallivanting around town, I guess you could say we've made up for our down time in April-June, this month. We've said farewell to the Frontier. We've tried a few restaurants like Charlie Palmer Steak, Nora's Italian Cuisine, Canter's Deli and hit a couple old favorites such as the Buffet at TI and Lawry's. We also stayed at the Platinum Hotel this past weekend and we have the Signature reserved for this upcoming Sunday. Pictures and details to come.

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