March 10, 2007

Review: Morton's The Steakhouse

We’ve been talking about trying Morton's Steakhouse for a couple years now, but for one reason or another we never made it happen. Last year, I cashed in credit card reward points for $100 gift certificate so we’d have an excuse to finally cross it off the ever-growing “places to dine” list. We needed a place to grab a bite before seeing KA, it seemed like a perfect fit. I made reservations a day in advance for 5pm Friday.

We were among the first of a few tables to arrive. As our meal continued on, the dining room began to fill. Nice old-school atmosphere with Sinatra playing in the background. We were on limited time so we got perturbed waiting for menus. We didn’t realize the menus don’t come until the end of the presentation. Which adds some kitsch, we know what meat and veggies look like so we would’ve rather got straight to the point, but I digress.

We ordered a Caesar salad and jumbo shrimp cocktail to start. The Caesar was ordinary; heavy on dressing and the lettuce was limp. The shrimp cocktail was excellent. Additionally, the bread served is warm, flaky, buttery, with a hint of onion and poppy seed – delicious. Next, for the main course Frank selected the Chicago-style bone-in ribeye, I choose the double-cut filet mignon and we opted to share the baked potato and garlic green beans. The seasoning used on the steaks was saltier than we like. Frank was unimpressed by his bone-in, he claimed it was among the worst he’s had, considerable amount fat to work around and it wasn’t nearly as tender or juicy as similar steaks he’s had at Delmonico, STACK, SW. etc. I was pleased with my filet as it was tender and full flavored. The baked potato was just that and the garlic green beans were a standout.

Overall, the menu offers traditional steakhouse fare, service was excellent throughout the meal, and our total for dinner was $150 before tip. Although, I enjoyed the experience more than Frank, I felt that the meal was overpriced. In the future, I’d rather visit comparatively priced steakhouses in town that offer better quality steaks and/or more creative menus.

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