March 12, 2007

Review: Garduno's

I escaped work today on my lunch break, Frank and I were undecided on where to go, but as we passed the Palms we saw that Garduno’s now offered patio seating. Despite us being less than impressed on our last two visits, we were swayed by the outdoor dining since it was such a gorgeous day.

However, when we got inside we were told it’d be a 15-minute wait to sit on the patio. I didn’t have time to spare so we settled on sitting indoors. We glanced over the menu and quickly decided on the Fajita’s Express option. For $10 and some change you have your choice of Beef or Chicken Fajitas made-to-order, cheese enchilada, chicken burrito, rice, beans and all the fixings. And it is all-you-can eat.

Our expectations weren’t high, but as it turned out, we were thoroughly impressed. The meal was 100 times better than our prior visits when we ordered off the menu. Everything was tasty and fresh, the beef was tender; we actually preferred it over the chicken. Fresh chips and salsa topped off the meal. All in all, it was pretty good and reasonably priced. The check was $22 before tip. Service was average. I wouldn’t hesitate to return for lunch, it’ll be nice to add another option to the rotation.

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