January 6, 2020

2019: The Year To Thrive

For several years, now, I've chosen a word to guide me through the unwritten chapters of the new year.

Thrive was the theme for 2019. That's just what we did. It was a year of great successes, wonderful memories; and, of course, we traveled a bunch. Most of my yearly recaps also include best bites, but we did not try too many new places. We mostly frequented old haunts, but we had to say goodbye, to yet, another favorite; R.I.P. Cleo (SLS). Though, honorable mentions go to newcomers, Kame and Best Friend. However, the best meal of the year is awarded to Sparrow + Wolf. We dined with a group and ordered nearly the entire menu to split among us. No one left hungry or disappointed. It was outstanding. The bread alone is glorious!

Our travels took us to California multiple times (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sonoma). No year is complete without a trip to Tijuana, I mean... Tacos are life. We also gallivanted around our old stomping grounds in the Riviera Maya by playing tour guide to our friends and Frank's family. We also explored new cities like Mérida and Valladolid. We returned to London and Frankfurt, and we wandered Stockholm and Amsterdam. And I roamed Paris. We were warmly welcomed in Fort McMurray. Traversed cities that feel like going home because we have visited so often, such as Austin, Boston, Denver and Phoenix. Then, there is Chicago, our first home. Plus, I can't forget the trip with my family to Netarts on the Oregon Coast. For anyone keeping tally, my travels spanned eight countries, seven states and countless cities. Frank exceeded those numbers crisscrossing the Midwest and east coast. Needless to say we logged many miles. It's a big world, I'm determined to see it. We've only begun to scratch the surface.

Which leads to my word for 2020... Explore. It's time to turn dreams into plans.

How about you, do you choose a word to set the tone for the year to come?

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