February 28, 2019

M'mmm Tacos. Tijuana? OK!

A day trip to Tijuana when visiting San Diego has become routine. Whether we ride share or take the trolley to the border it couldn't be easier to cross.

We hire a taxi to Revolution, and we are enjoying tacos and cervezas in no time. There are endless places for amazing tacos, but our first stop is always Los Panchos.

We walk and pass time in Cigar Lounges, and then we return for more food. A bite at Hotel Caesar is a must. Yes, the one where the Caesar Salad began! Their cocktails are incredibly tasty too, whether it is a margarita or espresso martini.

Another walk, another cigar, another taco...

We have always taken a taxi back to the border crossing, but this time we walked. At night. Probably a little too late. It wasn't well lit. We didn't run into any trouble, but I don't recommend the walk. Take the taxi. We cross at El Chapparal. There was no waiting on Saturday night. During the afternoon, we've waited about a half hour to cross.

It's a fun jaunt. I think we might stay overnight and we really need to get out to see the playas.

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