August 29, 2016

A Birthday in Fairytale Forest

Addison's second birthday has come and gone. We had a fun-tastic party and we had lots of friends over to help celebrate. Our theme was Disney's Goldie & Bear, which is still in its first season so they have not printed decor, clothes or made toys. I couldn't find a single thing - not even in Anaheim. So, pulling the theme together took a little creativity, but Amy and I had fun coming up with ideas.

Addy just loves (Jack) Bear. She asks daily to watch and I know the episodes like the back of my hand. She also likes the three little pigs, big bad and the frog. The "Cow Jump" episode is a favorite. We had pin the tail on the cow that jumps over the moon. I made pigs out of paper laterns. Our snacks all fit the fairytale theme: humpty-dumpty's deviled eggs, three little pigs in a blanket, little red riding hood muffins, Jack's beanstalks, and snack mix with bricks (chocolate chunks), straw (shoestrings) and sticks (pretzels). We also had bottled water in Jack's pail. Addy was more interested in her candy necklace than her birthday cake, but Lexi thoroughly enjoyed the sweet taste of frosting - much to mama bear's dismay, but that's what grandpas are for. The kids swam and chased bubbles. Addy was fortunate to receive many awesome gifts. It was a great day. Let's hope the 2's are anything but terrible. In any case, the next year will certainly be an adventure with this hilarious, too smart for her own good, insanely cute kid.

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