October 29, 2015

Guy Savoy

I often tease that the best thing I make is reservations. I'm not gifted with much culinary talent. I'm better at baking, than cooking. I can follow a recipe, I understand the science behind it. However, I cannot add a little bit of this or that like our grandmothers have been doing for centuries. It must be the control freak that lives deep in me. I do, however, love food. I love that it brings people together, I love the ties to our past... I love dining in restaurants. Whether they are "a hole in the wall" or worthy of Michelin Stars. I find when you get to dine at the latter, there is no need for a special occasion, the meal itself is the celebration.

While Frank's mom was visiting, he arranged a dinner for the three of us at Guy Savoy. I've been eager to dine there since it opened it's doors. Needless to say, it felt a bit like Christmas as we prepared for our tasting. Once we got started, the magic words were spoken "If there are no allergies, do you mind if the chef makes selections for you?" Please! And so our feast began.

We started with a few Amuse-bouche vites: Waffle with olive tapenade, filet mignon burger, and foie-gras toast. Each were bursting with flavor and left us wanting more.

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Next was the Colors of Caviar & Breadcart selections: caramelized onion, bacon and baguette. It's always difficult not to get carried away with bread. Limiting myself to three choices showed great restraint.

Octopus enhanced with a little magic, followed. It was a thrilling presentation.

The Seabass with crispy scales was a real treat.

Between courses, the broth for the foie-gras infused before our eyes.

The seared foie-gras, crispy quinioa and verbena infusion was delicious and decadent.

Hands down my favorite dish was the Artichoke Truffle Soup with mushroom brioche and black truffle butter! No cream is used, but you'd never guess that's the case. Smooth and velvety... and glorious truffles.

Peanut crusted duck breast, leg confit and beet napoleon was a striking dish. I can never get enough duck confit. Frank is well aware, and shared a bite.

Gears shifted toward dessert with Fig & Tapioca Pearls. I welcomed the delicate sweetness.

The Apple & Quince highlighted everything that is fantastic about fall.

It was the chocolate fondant crunchy praline and chicory cream that spoke to my heart. Simply sublime.

As if that wasn't enough, we were tempted by dozens of offerings from the Dessert Cart: madeline, vanilla bean and cheesecake.

To conclude our dining voyage, a lovely Sorbet to refresh the palette.

It was a fantastic meal, with superb service. It's such a privilege to enjoy a meal such as this. Oh, and who wears slippers to a fancy meal? This girl (damn, unstable ankle).

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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