July 6, 2015

The Difference a Year Makes

Last Fourth of July it was me and my mom holed up in my apartment. Exhausted. This time, last year, we were reeling from the news of my mom's cancer diagnoses. She had been sick for so long already, we were grasping for straws as we navigated uncharted territory. In the darkest times, I feared that times together as a family would be nothing more than a memory. But like the stubborn woman she is, she fought through every day giving it her all. She was bound and determined to reach her goal of seeing her granddaughter toddle around. We never imagined receiving the news last month that her cancer was in remission, but the gift has definitely made the days brighter.

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This Fourth of July, nine of us gathered around the table in Pahrump to celebrate America's birthday. But in reality, we were celebrating so much more. After such a hellish year, my heart is so full.

Last weekend, Nicolas flew from Chicago to Vegas solo. He stayed with Frank and I for a couple nights, before staying with his grammy until his mom, dad and sister arrived. They would follow later in the week, since they were driving; Amy and Addy in her car, and Jeff behind the wheel of the moving truck. Yes, moving truck. My sister has moved her family back to Nevada. They are living with my mom until school begins. Nick continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He is 100% boy, but he also has the most kind and caring heart. Addison, barely 10 months, is walking and has two teeth. She adores her big brother more than words can convey. When she sees him, she squeals "Niiikkkkeee!" I promise it would melt anyone's heart.

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Frank kept his tradition of putting on a fantastic firework display. He, along with Jeff and Mike, happily took Nick under their wing. Our family of pyros continues to grow. Blaine over saw the festivities, while my mom, Amy, Addy and I looked on. Well, until the dogs, and Addy had enough... Then, I remained. But I was far from alone.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


KathyinNY said...

That is awesome! that your whole family will be together close by.

Here's to wishing the rest of the year is full of fun, love, and laughter!

Kellee said...

Thanks so much! It is such a joy to be close again.