June 9, 2015

Sweets Raku

After dinner at Inyo, we met Frank for dessert at Sweets Raku. The restaurant is first come, first serve. After a few short minutes, we were seated at the counter. To begin, we were presented with a welcome letter from Chef Mio and team. It was edible and served with an apricot sauce for dipping. It was a playful way to kick off the experience.

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We each selected the two course dessert for $15. Frank and I both chose Mt. Fuji and our friend opted for Jack in a cup. We began with strawberry sorbet and mint jelly. The strawberry flavor was intense and the sorbet was light and refreshing. It was a nice start.

I do recommend a seat at the counter so you can watch these beautiful plates come to life. The details are fantastic. The chef's handiwork is definitely an art form. When Mt. Fuji was presented, I couldn't wait to dig in. However, the flavors fell a little flat for me, all the cream was a little overwhelming. I must admit I had dessert envy as delicate pears were filled with care and while the intricate tart was skillfully sliced, before me. I couldn't help but feel I chose poorly. I found the Jack in a cup more satisfying. It's a play on bread pudding and chocolate souffle.

Even after suffering a bit of dessert envy, I would definitely return. That tart will be mine. I trust that or another dessert will be more to my liking. I really appreciate the deft skills at work here and that the desserts are mildly sweet. It strikes the right chord with my - not so sweet - sweet tooth.

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