Khun Chai Thai Restaurant

April 9, 2015
I love a good lunch special and one of the best around is at Khun Chai. They have a selection of dishes that include soup, salad and eggroll for $6.99. Which is plenty for me, but if you have a large appetite there is another option for $9.99 that has a larger portion.

Previously, this restaurant was Pam Real Thai. I was hooked on their pad kee mao and garlic fried rice. I sulked for weeks when they closed.

Fortunately, Khun Chai puts out one of the better pad kee mao's around. The veggies are always fresh and crisp, the noodles are tender and sop up the delicious flavor and if you like heat - This is the place! Their scale goes 1-5, I like spicy, but I usually stick with a 2 here because I like the sweetness of the basil to shine through the heat. The Tom Yum soup is excellent. The salads are always fresh and you get your choice of dressing, I'm partial to the honey mustard. The eggrolls are always satisfying as well. It's a great place to grab a quick lunch. My brother and I find ourselves there a few times a month. They also offer a discount when paying cash. There is often live music too.

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