High Roller

January 21, 2015
I'm late to the party, but I finally rode the High Roller. Frank's mom was visiting and it seemed like a good opportunity to check it out. There was no wait, we were able to walk right up to the loading station. The pods are always moving so jumping aboard is likely to be the most adrenaline pumping part of the ride. There is a net to catch you if you were to fall. The observation wheel is slow moving so no one should be fearful. Those afraid of heights might get nervous, but it maxes out near 500 feet so most will find it okay. It's relaxing to enjoy the lights and action beneath you in a calm environment. It's not so noticeable to the naked eye, but in photos the curvature of the pods distort the view a bit, notice the Harrah's tower; and despite my best efforts glare is unavoidable in snapshots. Still, it's an enjoyable way to take in the beautiful neon in the desert. His mom loved it! I'm curious how the view differs during the day.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


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