December 17, 2014


I'm two years late to the party, but I finally ate at Eat. A few weeks ago, Frank was downtown on business and called me up asking for a recommendation for lunch. I told him to try Eat. Afterward, he told me about the awesome blta w/ egg sandwich he had. He took me to check it out the day of the Santa Run, but the santas kept us from getting to Carson and 7th so I'd have to wait to try Eat. Then, last week; success!

If driving be prepared to feed the parking meter. The restaurant sits on the lower level of Park Avenue Apartments. This tired building is sure to experience a revitalization thanks to the Downtown Project. Carson Ave has become a hot spot for downtown dining and it began with Natalie Young's Eat. She was the first to partner with Tony Hsieh and see her dream to fruition. She is currently working on her next venture, Chow.

Eat bustled on a late Saturday morning, while there was no line out the door. There was a wait for a table, but counter seating was available. We settled in and gazed over the menu. Our server asked, "Can I get cinnamon biscuits started for you?" Many might be duped by the question thinking they are complimentary, only to be surprised later by an $8 charge on the bill. It is a bit sneaky so be warned. Yet, we said, "yes, bring them on!" The tender biscuits swim in strawberry compote and are topped with berries. It reminds me very much of strawberry shortcake, add some fresh whipped cream and it'd be the perfect dessert.

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When it came to ordering we skipped right over the breakfast items and went straight for the sandwiches. I had to try the dwblta ($11) myself and Frank went for the killer grilled cheese with tomato soup ($9). During the week more sandwiches are available, they all sound fantastic. However, if I ever get a chance to dine on a weekday, the chilaquiles will be mine!

I added cheese to my dwblta, I skipped the egg; I don't dig runny eggs, blasphemy, I know. This sandwich was great! All components married beautifully and the sourdough bread held it together without being too bready. It was a thing of beauty, truly. Sandwiches come with a side of house chips, potato or tomato salad. I really enjoyed the tomato salad. Despite my best efforts I could only devour half of the sandwich. I took the rest home. This sandwich could easily be shared.

Frank added tomato, egg, and avocado to the killer grilled cheese. It was a tasty twist, especially when dipped in the soup. However, as good as it was we agreed we enjoyed the dwblta a bit more. In fact, it might just be the best damn sandwich in lv.

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