April 1, 2014
This April Fool's day is a special one. Seventeen years ago, we were only seventeen. Frank had confessed he liked me. I admitted I liked him too. Relief washed over us. With great excitement, we pondered whether a hug or kiss was appropriate. We did both. Over the years, we've shared countless hugs and kisses, but the first? That awkward cocktail of butterflies and pure joy is splendid.

Young love is so fresh.

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Yet, love that has aged is comforting and simply sublime.

Every day after today, we will have spent more of our lives with each other than without. We have gathered a tremendous collection of memories since 1997. We're busy making more. We're currently traveling Ecuador. I'm sure I'll have much to share upon our return.


Jay said...

great post. loving. congratulations to you both for finding 'the one'.

(p.s. i post comments less often as i can't seem to get past these captcha phrases i can't make out!!)

Kellee said...

Let me see if I can remove them. I hate those things!

Kellee said...

It looks like they're off now. Hope that's better. Thanks for the feedback.

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