Life List 61-70

November 21, 2013
   61. Feel an earthquake

   62. Photograph a glacier

   63. Experience a Futbol game

   64. Visit Amsterdam


   65. Eat lobster in Maine

   66. Eat stone crab in Florida

   67. Attend World Series game

   68. Catch a fish and eat it

   69. Enjoy a meal at a restaurant without ordering from a menu

   70. Bake bread from scratch

Twice I've been in California when there have been small earthquakes, but I haven't felt them. I imagine it's a weird sensation. It might be a bit morbid to want to experience it, but I do. I just don't want anyone to be killed.

A couple years ago, my boss went on an Alaskan cruise and her husband came back with the most spectacular photos of glaciers. I'd really like to have my own.

When we went to Italy, we looked into attending a Futbol game, but timing didn't work out. The energy in those stadiums must be absolutely insane.

I'm incredibly intrigued by Amsterdam. I actually looked into a trip next spring, but Ecuador is far more reasonable.

I haven't developed a fondness for lobster, but before I write it off completely. I want to try it in Maine. I imagine there is no place better to try it.

Stone Crab is my second favorite crustacean after Dungeness. What we get here in the desert is pretty amazing, I can't imagine how fresh it must be off the Florida coast.

In 2005, Frank and I went to Anaheim to see the White Sox clinch their division to go to the World Series and that was unforgettable, I can't begin to imagine witnessing them win the title.

Catching a fish and eating it seems pretty simple. I've always caught and released. Most fishing was done when I was small and fish was never part of our diet. I recall my dad smoking a salmon he caught, but that the closest I've come.

I enjoy all sorts of food, there is little I don't like and I'll try most everything so I think it'd be fun to simply sit and let the chef decide what to serve.

There are few things I love more than fresh bread. Yet, I've never worked with live yeast. Failure is the only thing stopping me. Seems silly. I might just be the best bread baker out there. Ha!


MikeH said...

re the bread - get yourself a book called artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. really easy home made bread and its amazing. Lobster is ok - I had it in new England and at a road side café on the coast of maine is good and convenient - but not brilliant. I've also made some spectacular dishes like lobster and sweetcorn chowder all from scratch. I still maintain that its not worth the amount of effort you have to put into cooking and eating it.

Kellee said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out.

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