October 9, 2013

Life List 11-20

   11. Grow and eat my own vegetables.

   12. Set foot on all seven continents: North America, Europe, South America

   13. Attend Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.

[Photo: kincaidcoachtours]

   14. Throw worries off a cliff ~ Frank's idea to write "worries" on a rock and let them go.

   15. Live in another country.

   16. Do something I never thought I'd do.

   17. Hike Cinque Terre, Italy.

[Photo: viaggixestate]

   18. Go to airport and buy tickets for random flight.

   19. Visit Niagara Falls.

   20. Fly first class.

Growing a garden seems simple enough, right? I've had zero luck in the desert. We had gardens growing up, so I have eaten fresh produce. There is no comparison. One day I'll get a garden to grow. One day...

Continents? Two down, five to go.

The Balloon Fiesta was just this weekend. We booked it last year, but we weren't able to go. What a sight it will be!

"Throw your worries of a cliff watch them as they plummet" inspired by Dirty Head's Day by Day, Frank suggested we toss our worries off our favorite cliff in La Jolla, CA. Last visit, I completely forgot a marker to write on a rock. Next time, for sure!

Living in another country sounds like such an adventure. Moving cross country as worked out for us. I'd love to live in Europe, there are so many travel possibilities nearby. And I'm often tempted to move to Mexico and spend my days on the beach. Last winter while the pond and pipes were freezing, I was thisclose to making it a real possibility. If the desert isn't warm enough for me, I'm not sure where else to go.

Doing something I never thought I'd do. Surprising yourself is pretty amazing. Facing fears (bridges and needles - allergy shots) and being published are a couple of examples of things I'd never thought I'd do. But I've done 'em. I think it's a good ongoing challenge.

Cinque Terre was supposed to be a stop for us on our adventure through Italy, but it had suffered damage from floods and it wasn't fully operational. We scrapped it to keep from wearing ourselves too thin and decided to visit on another trip when we could experience it in its full glory.

Travel Roulette seems so exciting. I'd love to hop on a plane and just go!

Frank has been to Niagara, but I haven't. It seems like it would be so magnificent.

Flying first class is a luxury, I'd love to experience. I get excited enough when we're booked on southwest flight that isn't full and the middle seat is left available.


Anonymous said...

Where is 11-20? So inspirational.

BC Angel

Kellee said...

I botched that, didn't I? That's what I get for drafting a couple posts. I published it out of order. I renumbered this week's, so next week, I'll have what should've been this week's installment. If that makes sense?

Thanks for reading!