October 7, 2013

I Love Sushi

What can I say? I pink puffy heart love I Love Sushi. We moved across town and it has been our favorite find. It's a real gem. The staff is great (bar and table service), the fish is fresh and the rolls are fun and mighty tasty. In the past few months we've been half a dozen times.

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When it comes to rolls we prefer those that are spicy. Sexy Time Special, Kiss of Fire and Sun Devil are favorites. They are a must each and every time. We also enjoy the sashimi. The yellowtail is like butter. The screaming orgasm is a great alternative. We've enjoyed others, but their names escape me. Each and everyone is delicious, though. I have no doubt everything is well executed. I am so thankful, it's not AYCE. I much prefer quality to quantity.

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Mike H (VMB) said...

That looks awesome. nice fine.

Kellee said...

If you get the opportunity to try it, definitely do. You won't be disappointed.