Spring Restaurant Week!

February 21, 2013
We're only two weeks away from the Spring Restaurant Week! Eight days of gluttony begins on March 8 and runs thru March 15. We'll be limited to five dinners since we'll be out of town over the weekend. Three Square revealed the participating restaurant menus today. There are several new additions and quite a few favorites missing. Perhaps, they'll be added as the event nears?

So far the following restaurants have piqued my interest:


Joe’s Stone Crab

Poppy Den

Table 34

Tommy Bahama

We dined at Aquaknox and Joe's before, the others would be new to us. Poppy Den is just new in general, I've been anxious to get over to Tivoli Village to give it a try. This is the perfect excuse. I'll be counting down the days.


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