November 28, 2012

Where, Oh, Where has November gone?

Just as I was getting ahead. I fell way, way behind. Seriously, this month flew. I blinked and it was gone. As with any hiatus, I have much to share.

My brother had been living with us since January, he moved out at the beginning of the month into his own apartment near the Palms. He teases, "never did I imagine there would be a Las Vegas Casino in my front yard." But it's true. He's traveled some bumpy roads over the years, I'm very happy and proud that he's found solid ground and is getting settled.

We took a trip to San Francisco to see the sights and see the Bears get crushed by the 49ers. My mom came along, it was her first visit and her first Bears game. I caught some nasty germies and they've left me weak and weary. I've been sick a week, I'm feeling better, but not well.

We've also tried a number of new restaurants. So add those to the list of details to come.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez - I hope you're okay Kellee - miss your blogging - take care - from Canada EH....